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Spatchcock and Succotash

Thanksgiving morning finds ovens across America warming to welcome Meleagris gallopavo, the winged creature Benjamin Franklin once fought for as our nascent republic’s official emblem. Alas, the noble turkey lost out to the Bald Eagle, relegating the bird to the center of the table for the holiday that signifies pig skin football and pig out feasts. National […]

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Long Mouse Years, Big Mouse Ears

Our favorite Mickster turns 86 today. No, not Mr. Jagger, but The Little Big Man, Mickey Mouse. What age is that in mouse years? It seems today’s journalism is 30 of this and 20 of that, so today Tipsy Table celebrates MouseMan’s 8th decade with 8 trivia facts that may surprise you about The Real Mick: It […]

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National Sandwich Day

History honors John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, as the creator and namesake of the ubiquitous delight. Not wanting to take time out from a 24-hour poker game, the Earl requested sustenance he could eat with one hand. And voila, the sandwich was born. “Every dog has its day,” and now the sandwich also […]

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