National Sandwich Day

Written By: Tipsy Table - Nov• 03•14

History honors John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, as the creator and namesake of the ubiquitous delight. Not wanting to take time out from a 24-hour poker game, the Earl requested sustenance he could eat with one hand. And voila, the sandwich was born.

“Every dog has its day,” and now the sandwich also has its day—November 3.

Chefs at tony eateries vie in creating the most expensive sandwich with the finest ingredients that might include Wagyu beef, foie gras, caviar, lobster, black truffle mayo, and even a bit of gold leaf.

Radish Sandwich 1To celebrate this day, Tipsy Table shares an old southern Illinois recipe, via France, for a radish sandwich. The combo of the radish and unsalted butter is just another of the delicious two- ingredient pairings like tomato and avocado, or cucumber and cream cheese.

Wash the radishes, slice and place on buttered bread with a sprinkling of salt. The French would spread the unsalted butter on a baguette, but we chose a slice of our homemade and hearty multi-grain skillet bread. Whatever your bread, savor and enjoy the simplicity of this, perhaps the least expensive, sandwich in the world.

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