Why and So What?

Written By: Tipsy Table

Have a seat at the table. Tell a story. Advance an idea. Comment. Share a recipe.

We found that the dining table, more often the kitchen bar space we use for cocktail hour and dinner preparation, is fertile territory for ideas and commentary. Sharing ideas, we surprised ourselves with fresh perspectives that rose up like the whole wheat pizza dough. We could uncover a mystery, unveil an enigma, even solve a cryptic puzzle as easily as we peeled back an onion at the table. With a few glasses of wine, our perspectives broaden and clarify just as our IQ increases. Also, we are fools for alliteration. Thus, Tipsy Table.

We are Pinky and The Colonel, just two people with a passion for food and beverage, news and life. With our friends, old and new, we wish to have a conversation around the table.

So What?
We are interested in different takes on people, events, culture, travel, ideas, and, always, food and beverage. We will share some of our stories and opinions

Mind Your Manners
Your mother taught you to keep your elbows off the table. We expect good table manners. No reaching or cursing or loudness or rudeness. Let us enjoy a conversation. No need for partisanship, doctrine of any belief, or obscene ranting. If we need that, we always have FOX News.