Long Mouse Years, Big Mouse Ears

Written By: Tipsy Table - Nov• 19•14
the art of walt disney

A cherished book in the Tipsy Table library.

Our favorite Mickster turns 86 today. No, not Mr. Jagger, but The Little Big Man, Mickey Mouse. What age is that in mouse years?

It seems today’s journalism is 30 of this and 20 of that, so today Tipsy Table celebrates MouseMan’s 8th decade with 8 trivia facts that may surprise you about The Real Mick:

  • It is rumored that Walt Disney was afraid of mice, but remained sympathetic to the small creatures.
  • Mortimer was his original name, but Walt’s wife Lillian suggested the change to Mickey, after one of her friends Mickey Rooney.
  • Mickey is notorious for the three-finger discount—throughout the years the studio saved a mouse-zillion dollars in the time it would have taken artists to draw that fourth finger.
  • Mickey’s ears always appear round, no matter what the angle, and always face forward.
  • Macy's Parade, 1929.  Photo courtesy William J. Crawford.

    Macy’s Parade, 1934. Photo courtesy William J. Crawford.

    Early artists of at Walt Disney Studios found it amusing to draw caricatures of Mickey and hide the “spots” in other Disney films. The game of finding the famous mouse continues in all the Disney theme parks. Check out the fun at http://findingmickey.squarespace.com /

  • Mickey’s first spoken words were “Hot Dogs!” in the 1929 short “Karnival Kid.”
  • Mickey was the first cartoon character awarded a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in 1978.
  • The Big Guy first appeared in the Macy’s Santa Claus Parade on 29 November, 1934. He boasted 25 handlers–more than Justin Bieber has today.Happy Birthday Mickey

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