A Museum for Helixophiles.

Written By: Tipsy Table - Sep• 12•14

Who knew?  A person who collects corkscrews is a helixophile. And the perfect destination for helixophiles is The Corkscrew Museum at the Corkscrew Inn Bed & Breakfast in Vancouver, B.C. www.corkscrewinn.com

With a theme of corkscrews, we are now anxious to journey north across the border to check out this unique destination. From the museum website:

Our inn is a carefully restored 1912 Craftsman style home, a showcase of stained glass artistry, and a museum of antique objects related to the making and enjoyment of wine. We designed the Corkscrew Inn to be the type of place we like to stay when we’re away – comfortable, luxurious, and full of interesting things.

Mother of Pearl

A ladies’ gold and mother of pearl pocket corkscrew made in France in the mid 19th century.



An English corkscrew from about 1885.

An English corkscrew from about 1885.


This place has not only a corkscrew museum collection, but also a wine collection. It beckons to us as we contemplate the new Find My Corkscrew app.




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