Elks Lodge Happy Hour

Written By: Tipsy Table - Aug• 21•14

From our home in Hailey, ID, we often drive the 10 miles north to Ketchum and Sun Valley resort or beyond to numerous trailheads in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Idaho State Highway 75 is busy with local and tourist traffic, and at times with wild animal crossings including the beautiful wolves. Recently, probably due to the huge Beaver Creek wildfire last summer, deer and elk herds come down from the hills to graze in the lower valley.  Several times a day in early Spring, a very wise and wily bull stands majestically on the roadside berm to the east, seeming to gauge traffic.  As motorists spot him and stop in both directions, clearing the path for their traverse, he leads his herd of about 50-75 elk across the highway and over the fence to a favorite grazing field before heading down for a drink in the Big Wood River.  It is stunning to watch.  Our two Huskies were as amazed and seemingly impressed as we. Pinky captured the moment on camera as we patiently waited their crossing.


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