Swimming to Sullivan’s Island

Written By: Tipsy Table - Aug• 19•14

Sullivan’s Island is an historic small town on Charleston Harbor. The site of a major battle of the American Revolution at Fort Sullivan, this was also the point of entry for many of the African slaves brought into North America. More recently it is just a lovely spot for a beach home in a comfortable community. It seems everyone wants to head to Sullivan’s Island for some reason: successful couples find it an attractive address, the wealthy think of it for a second home, tourists travel there from all over the globe, and even the occasional feral pig will strike out across the harbor for a sojourn. This did get our attention.

Okay, so a family travels nearly 3,000 miles from Seattle to Sullivan’s Island to celebrate Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary. They spend time on the serene beaches, searching for sand dollars and joking about sharks. When out of the surf pops a porker, dazed and confused, looking for a stretch of sand to rest its weary limbs. Not sure the pig can make it to shore, Dad jumps into the waves and saves the swine. Speculation is that the pig fell into the current of a nearby river and floated out to sea. Animal Control arrives and the officers corral the pig for a road trip to an undisclosed location.

Prentiss Findlay, of The Post and Courier, inquires about the fate of the pig, and the Town Manager  sends an email stating “After discussing the matter with the state Department of Natural Resources, the animal was relocated accordingly.”  An abattoir perhaps?


A follow up article in The Post and Courier gives no additional information on the whereabouts of the pig, but now another Dad from Concord, Massachusetts is taking credit for saving the swine from the sea.  What’s up with that?  Vying for porcine heroics?  The article states rules and regulations make it illegal to have a pig on the island, and the Police Chief says that pig “was relocated and taken care of according to state law. That’s all the information I can give you.”  An abattoir perhaps?

WE SMELL BACON.Life is too short

In Seattle, our other home town,  “Bill the Butcher, ” who, well you know what he does, has this sign on the sidewalk.   Think those famous Seattle Pig Rescuers and Heroes are still adhering to Bill’s sage advice?

Three little pigs

© Walt Disney

Plus, now we fear that even our favorite petite porkers, Disney’s Three Little Pigs, somehow were aware of their ultimate fate. The photo of FATHER on the wall tells it all.

The Post and Courier has no additional news about the swimming swine.



We thank our CSI Charleston detective, Whistling Dixie, for linking us to this story.  

Also, full disclosure, red meats and that “other white meat” very rarely share the plate at the Tipsy Table.  So, don’t blame us.





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