Fire on the mountain

Written By: Tipsy Table - Aug• 16•14

One year ago we stood in our Hailey front yard and watched the flames rampage over Carbonate Mountain just a few blocks to the west. It was a dramatic and very personal exerience to the wild land fire reality. The Idaho Beaver Creek fire, one of the largest in the West last year, really changed what is usually a relaxing time for all in the Wood River Valley.

During the week we were fortunate to meet several fire support personnel at the local market. They invited us to tour the Incident Command Post just a few miles north on Highway 75. It was amazing how fast this large tent and truck city popped up on the open grasslands, bustling with 24 hour a day activity as crews and equipment cycled in and out. The hotshot crews and other fire fighters from a number of states looked exhausted returning to camp.

Carbonate Fire stitchTT

The massive fire caught the attention of Hailey, already on pre-evacuation warning, when it made its surprise lunge over Carbonate.


We watched from our yard as an Erickson Skycrane sucked up water from the nearby Big Wood River and dropped it around the burning tracks for containment. These big birds are odd in profile, but a beautiful sight if one is at risk in a wildfire. The chop, chop of the rotor as the aircraft circled near our house was beautiful music.

Then out of the smoke and ash this photo of a Jason Wu shoe lit up on one of our computer screens. The resemblance is visually remarkable. We thought the Skycrane one of the strangest sights ever, until Jason Wu built his firefighters.

Can you just imagine running away from a wildfire in these puppies?

Wu Sky png



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